Please take this poll

Hey Guys
I really want to improve my blog, some blogs I visit receive a massive response rate whereas I hardly do even if I were to say please comment! It may be that I’m losing my mojo, that you guys read my blog via email due to subscribing or that I simply write about me, leaving you not to comment but reading a simple opinion online. So below is the link to a poll I have made. I would be so grateful if you were to take it so that I know where I’m going wrong and can improve the response rate of my blog so please please please take this poll so I can see what I need to improve…

It’s only 5 questions long!! πŸ™‚Β 

A massive thanks in advance…


2 thoughts on “Please take this poll

  1. Hi! I took your poll πŸ™‚ don’t be too hard on yourself about your response rate, it takes time to build an audience. You’re not doing anything wrong if you are not getting loads of comments right away. Just be patient and keep being you πŸ™‚ x

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