Write it down…

These last 2 weeks I’ve been at placement and by working in an office I have been infront of a screen non stop! My routine was work, home, blog, bed, work, home, blog, bed there was no break! Sometimes being in front of the computer for too long I feel drained physically and mentally. It’s much more fun to be different for once, to get some felt tip pens out and to simply just brain storm by going back to being old school and simply writing on a piece of A4 paper! Infact as childish as it sounds I thought to myself why not colour in and that’s exactly what I did, me & my sister got some paper, colours and had some fun, check out my instagram pictures if your interested.

It’s just nice to not feel your eyes heavy and having a hard copy of something in front of you instead of having a file saved into My Documents…

So next time write it down…Β 


RosaΒ X


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