All into one…

Hey Guys, 

I have so much to update you on I’m pretty sure most of you will appreciate the fact that I’m going to put a lot of what I was going to say ALL INTO ONE post, so that notifications from me are a minimum;)! 

Lets start in hindsight, hopefully I won’t confuse you as I have a range of stuff to write about, who knows this may be my longest post to date! 

I literally had the best day today, I got up bright and early even though I only had 4 hours sleep! Typical! When I want a nice nap I’m never able to have one:(.  Anyway I picked up a friend of mine and we drove to my university as she had a re-take exam at 9 & I went to do some dissertation preparation. Believe it or not I hadn’t realised that we had to do this over the summer I literally thought I could chill until October when shit begins to get serious and lectures begin! 

As there was no traffic at 7 in the morning we got there with an hour and a half to spare, so we decided to waste some time and I got a gorgeous McDonald’s breakfast, do you know  what? I just love the rubbery Americanised cheese that exists, one of THE best inventions,  excellent start to the day I would say…


In the 2 hours that I was at my university, I got loads of leaflets that give you pointers on how to write up methodology, literature review, referencing, using quotations and ultimately how to write up your dissertation. I’m happy to state that I managed to get a lot done today and I’m happy that I have a sense of direction of where I am going and a good starting point to commence my research. Although I’m 100% sure that I will most likely be tweeking my title. I find it always hard to write one up yourself, I tend to write how I understand it and then tweek it so that what I have written applies to the title. I’m pretty sure that my dissertation will be more focused on search engines as opposed to using a case study like Instagram. Something that I found rather frustrating is that apparently there hasn’t been any research conducted or any journals published in regards to Instagram. I would have loved to be able to go into a bit more detail about the process of how this app work. It is still early so I still don’t know which direction my dissertation will take I will be sure to keep you updated! At least I won’t go into 3rd year absolutely clueless and have a lot to show what I have been doing this summer. I finally took out Jeff Jarvis’s book out again so tomorrow when I’ve caught up on my sleep I will start reading it.

After my friend finished her exam, we went hunting for some estate agents as I still need to look for a house next year so I made some appointments and we then left to go back home. As she was in a really good mood, we decided that we should go shopping and go out for lunch. Yayy… 

Whenever we drive to uni we always listen to my Disney CD’s, I usually pretend there my younger sisters which is why they are in my collection but secretly I’m still a massive child I love Disney and intend on collecting all the classics! We spent the whole journey having a massive sing song, mainly putting on ‘Be Our Guest’ on repeat, making us feel even happier. It felt like today was a special day, I dunno like something was in the air, it was just fun! For lunch we ended up going to Nandos, it’s one of my favourite places to go an eat but because of my diabetes I felt super ill. This means one thing that the Nandos I had today must have made my sugars go Sky High!  I’ll explain in simple terms what this means so that you are not confused, bored and will read on…

A normal person blood sugar should measure between 4-7, a person with diabetes has to watch what they eat to maintain that. I ate 8 hours ago and measured them about 1 hour ago and they were about a 5.9. Usually I eat little but regularly to keep them up, so God knows what they rose to, today! I’m sad to admit I will no longer eat at my favourite restaurant infact eat out anywhere, the condiments, sauces it’s all bad for me even though this will last…

3 weeks as I’m going to Magaluf in September for a girls holiday needless to say I’m mega excited :D! I probably sound like the worst diabetic there is but it’s still a big transition to me, it’s only been about 6 months, feels a lot longer if I’m honest. I seen my best friend out today who I haven’t seen all summer, I’m excited to catch up with her tomorrow over a film, let’s be honest when girls say let’s have a girly night and watch a film it always becomes start to watch film to gossiping and that film becoming background noise. Since it was Ramadan this month I’ve not seen any of my Muslim friends as they have all been fasting and what seems have all gone into hiding but now that the celebration is over and summers coming to end it becomes easier getting back into that routine of meeting up with friends here and there! 

Below is my latest purchase… For those of who that watch F.R.I.E.N.DS ‘I’ve got new boots, boots!’ I will add them to soon!


Do bare with me but I am a bit all over the place in regards to updating my other blogs, it just finding the time, I still haven’t got my laptop back either so I don’t know what the situation is with my university documents, all my files, pictures etc etc 😦 I hope none of it is lost! I also don’t have my blog post document that has all my inspiration and bursts of ideas written down so at the moment I’m going with the flow…  

I still need to make a list of everything that I need to do and sort out the thoughts swarming around my head accordingly. I’m so busy it’s actually starting to stress me out but I’m busy with helping out my family as were decorating! Absolute nightmare no time to think, breathe or do what I want, it’s a good thing I’m a night-time blogger at least I can get some stuff done and carry on with some writing, which reminds me I still need to perfect the articles for my placement where one of the managers will sit with me and tell me if my writing is good OR bad… Fingers crossed! 

It’s also got to that time where remembering what I plan to do in the next few days is hard to remember as it seems so far away… it’s time to buy the next academic diary! Yayyy.. I am such a organised freak when it comes to having a diary I like the hours so I can plan my days really well and fill in as much of the day as I can. I would like to point out, I’m good at being organised, not so good at keeping to it!  I’m so excited my next trip to top up my stationary at paperchase is drawing closer, EEEKKK! 


I was going to wait a week or 2 before I looked at the results of the poll/survey that I wrote about last week to see how I can improve my rating but the 2 responses that I got was all I needed to spur me on, I want to thank them for the taking the time to do it and I have learnt to keep writing just as I am, this blog might reach you or maybe not! The questions I asked were, 1 How did you find my blog? 2 How do you read my posts? 3 What makes you want to comment on someone’s post? 4 what do you think of my blog in general? 5 How can I improve it. One of the people who took the poll I don’t know who they were as it was anonymous but the other commented on my post saying this…

‘Hi! I took your poll :) don’t be too hard on yourself about your response rate, it takes time to build an audience. You’re not doing anything wrong if you are not getting loads of comments right away. Just be patient and keep being you :) x’ I thought it was so sweet she always likes my posts and I think I should reciprocate the effort a bit more by reading her blog a bit more. Do check it out at 

As much as it pains me to say we are almost halfway through the month of August and yes guess what I have still not made use of my Gym membership:( Why are there not enough hours in the day?! I need to get in there and get working out, I’m going on holiday too!! 

I’m sure every family has it’s issues, like me I think that I am not a normal human but when you interact with others you realise everyone is in the same boat with as much problems as each other. Me and my sister were having a conversation earlier and I said that in this world you really are, ‘better off alone.’ As cynical as that sounds she agreed and said that your friends around you tend to become your family… I’ll leave you to decide if you agree or not! 

I want to say that over this summer, it kind of changed me! I’ve grown up, I’ve experienced and learnt a lot in the last 3 months. I’ve also had a few realisations, to me a day is not a lot of time neither is a week but turn a day into 30 days and a month is plenty of time to achieve anything, to realise something and to understand a bit more about the philosophy of life. The other day I had a dream, as I’ve mentioned before, mine are really vivid but this dream was my subconsciousness telling me what I wish my happily ever after to be, to be with that guy that I wish was mine and when I woke up and realised it wasn’t true. it set the mood for the rest of the day because my happily ever after dream of what I want will never happen and the element of the ‘what if’ doesn’t exist anymore:(  I need to stop being so hopeless, Disney ruined it for me where is my prince charming?!

This post has come to an end I hope you enjoyed reading it and have got as far as getting to the end :), I’m now going to tidy my room before I have to go and get my sister as she will literally kill me if the room is a mess… Again! In the meantime I’m going to watch Beauty and the Beast, I don’t know about you but when someone mentions something to me or points something out I always end up craving it. I listened to ‘Be my Guest’ all day that I just have to watch the film such a classic!! 

I was going to post my drafts into this as well but I didn’t want to ruin the post as I feel I’ve written about me for once instead of voicing an idea in my head and constructing it to be something worth being shared. But breaking it down it was just a thought I think I’ve said enough for today, those posts can wait till later. 


Lifeisfunbeingme X



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