‘Don’t worry it looks better on you!!’

Does that phrase sound familiar?

Have you ever been walking on the street with your friends and someone walks past you wearing exactly the same thing? Why does it always have to become such a bitchy thing? Immediately friends seem to show there support with things like, ‘It’s look better on you anyway’ ‘Wow in her size she completely ruined it.’ Why can’t we just accept the fact that were not loaded with millions in the bank so when we go shopping we are going to buy an object where hundreds of others are also going to buy the exact same thing. Why can’t we just see it as a compliment to each other that we basically have the same taste! C’mon think about it there are 7 billion people on this planet! Were not all friends with designers and have the chance of walking round in one off pieces, it’s bound to happen that others will wear the same things as you at the same time so I say we shut this bitchiness off!


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