Jeff Jarvis

The other day I went to university and once again took out  the book, ‘Public Parts’ By Jeff Jarvis. Although for me, his book of, ‘What would Google do?’ would benefit me more when starting to write up my dissertation. I wanted to read this book regardless.

I started to read his book when I came across this quote, that I thought was worth sharing…

‘A book, for example, is the public expression of private thoughts. We bring our private identities to our public acts – we decide in private where we stand on an issue, and making that public is what allows us to join with like thinkers, share our ideas, and organise action.’

This quote can be applied to all of us whether we voicing our thoughts onto a blog, into a conversation, into an essay or on a book! It really makes you think how your own privacy can be made public within seconds of you sharing it.

I also follow @JeffJarvis on Twitter and when thinking of digital media I immediately think of his name along with Marwick & Boyd who researched into Twitter as well.

What’s even cooler is the picture below, I tweeted saying I’m finally reading his book and mentioned him in it, I did NOT expect a reply BUT he tweeted me back EEEKKK :D!!


However if you too are a media fanatic like me and would like to read his book below is the link…

Love Rosa X 


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