All I wanted was a diary…

Yesterday ended up being so stressful for me, the rain just put a downer on the day and I ended up getting nothing that I went out for… I went shopping and all I wanted to do was to finish buying the things for my sisters surprise, buy my diary and a notebook! I might just buy it online at Paperchase and save me the hassle of going out so far the university itinerary is as follows:

Finally a black scrap book for my portfolio…

black kraft square scrapbook

Highlighters because organised work is A MUST! 

mini highlighters - pack of 6

I used these a lot last year there perfect to keep your files organised and they come in a range of different colours!

coloured document holder files - pack of 10

Last year I bought 3 notebooks like this for my notes they are so cute and I don’t have to worry about losing pieces of papers with my notes on. Best of all it fits right into your bag without having to carry an A4 folder;)! 

lazy days large magnetic notebook

I need these because I like colouring in… haha 

fibre tipped colouring pens


& that totals up to ….

£24.75 not so Eekkkk still need a diary, MUST MAKE A LIST! 😦

see you later,
Love Rosa X


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