Ceceila Ahern

home_10[1]Ceceila Ahern is a massive inspiration to writers. She is a massive idol to me in terms of story writing. I never used to give much though to an author, to who they are or their achievements. I’ve always imagined them as old women with grey hair writing on a desk in a dark room with a lamp on. I came across Ceceila Ahern’s book P.S I love you as a coincidence and I think it may be one of the best ones ever. I was in a charity shop with my mum and sister over 5 years ago, my sister was picking out a book and going on at me at how important it is to read and how it really improves your grammar and writing.

It’s true I really do need to step up my reading, however I did the classic thing of judging a book by its cover and picked out P.S I love you as it looked like a good book. I loved it so much that I read the book twice I couldn’t put it down, the storyline was amazing the book made me cry my eyes out too as well as the film. Although I’m quite disappointed with how much changes they made with the film, so much of the story line is different for starters the book is set in Ireland and the film is your typical New York Americanised movie she’s lives in New York, don’t get me started however I did enjoy the film, I thought it was amazing despite the changes.

Once back at university I want to be able to have her entire book collection on my shelf and to get back into the joys of reading,  so far I have ‘PS I Love You’, ‘A Place Called Here’ and ‘If You Could See Me Now’. Ceceila Ahern is an amazing author with incredible imagination and creativity, I hope one day that I will be inspiring to others just like her and publish a story book of my own. It’s never too late to start… I could squeeze this in my 5 year plan I think.


Rosa X



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