I would love to meet…

I’ve always thought it’s nice to meet inspiring people, to look up instead of looking down. I see it as the more people you meet with potential and life inside them it. The more you too are going in a better direction and the people you circle yourself with can only mean life gets better…

With this experience of blogging and using social media to enhance how far my posts can go, it becomes hard to be a somebody nowadays, to mark who you are in this world especially with their being over 7 billion people on this planet there are so many that do the same thing. Below are some people I would love too meet…

Jasmine Eclipse  – If my blog is what it is today I owe it to this girl, I started blogging with using blogger.com and would make sure the appearance of my blogger was update and looked it’s best even though I had no followers and neglected the appearance of my WordPress blog not realising that their is a web of people out there reading blogs. Once upon a time she liked a post of mine and I clicked onto her page. I haven’t looked back since she inspired me to write, to improve the layout of my blog because she had a response rate, her blog was entertaining and engaging and I thought to myself I want to be like her, I want to have a blog as good as hers but be me. I would love to meet her in person because I don’t know many people or have friends that have that massive passion to just write, blog and make notes 24/7. It would be amazing to sit down and to talk to someone about blogging without feeling stupid because ultimately were just writing about our lives. Visit her blog she’s awesome! http://kuuleilani.wordpress.com/

Robby Ayala – Usually I never look on Instagram’s homepage that shows random people’s photo, anyway one day I was slightly bored and was browsing through Instagram I came across this guy that had loads of videos. I clicked on one and it really made me laugh, I was like, ‘This guy is awesome’ Click Follow! He is amazing, so funny really genuine and just video’s his life via Instagram, Vine and on Twitter. He has like a million followers and it just like even though he may think he’s a regular guy, I wish I had that something that distinguished me from a group of people. To be able to have loads of people to follow me with what I say, I would love to meet him because he seems really fun an amazing person to have as a friend and he’s incredibly good looking. I follow him on twitter, vine and Instagram. Follow him too! https://twitter.com/robbyjayala & http://instagram.com/robbyjayala

Jenna Marbles – I came across her on YouTube with some friends and her videos are hilarious I think she would be fun to hang out with.

Ricky Carbis – Many of you might not know who he is but as I have mentioned in previous post, I have signed up to write for Yuppee.com and he is the owner and founder of the website. I think he is just so inspirational, to set up a website to help out amateur writers like me and you is amazing.

Barack Obama – I would love to meet him because C’mon he’s president who wouldn’t love to be able to say I met ‘Barack Obama’!

Ceceila Ahern – She is my favourite writer/author I’m glad I came across her existence and it was only by chance I was in a chairty shop and really did judge a book by its cover, I picked up P.S I love you from the shelf and could not put it down as soon as I read it I re-read it again it was amazing. I would love to meet a writer with so much potential, imagination and creativity. It would be amazing to have the chance to talk to someone who really knows what their doing when it comes to writing.

Nelly – I would love to meet him for the simple reason that he is my favourite singer, his song Just A Dream is my favourite and when it was first released I  literally spent 3 hours straight on YouTube watching the video and replaying it constantly at least a couple hundred thousand views must have been from me. You know what I’m going to open YouTube and listen to it now!

Love Rosa X


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