Hey Guys,

This month has flown by and I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even go to the gym ONCE, ONCE!!! There really isn’t enough hours in the day. I can’t believe how it’s September already!!! I have so much planned and so much to do.

I’m really looking forward to the 3rd of this month as I am going on holiday to Magaluf with my sister and a mutual friend, during our stay we will be attending 2 concerts where DJ Fresh & Example are playing, I’m so excited and can’t wait for a full week of pure partying. As I’m away until the 11th what I’ll try to do is to write some posts and schedule them whilst I’m away so that this blog isn’t dormant for an entire week.

I also have a list of lists in my diary, (yep my friends think it’s hilarious) containing things that I need to buy, starting with things I need this year for university. I can’t wait to go house shopping in IKEA so that I can buy things for my room. I also signed my house contract last week and I’m so chuffed with my room the storage space is really good, it has 2 windows, not 1 BUT 2!! It’s also the biggest room in the house, I cannot wait to move in and start adding my personal touch to it Eeeekkk!!

I also can’t wait to finish buying the stationary I need, so that when I move in I can decorate my desk, I’m such a stationary freak!

The best thing about this month has to be that university is starting again, I’m so lucky to be on a wonderful course with some amazing people who I hope to be friends with forever. I don’t care how nerdy this sounds but I love my course and love the academic side of it so I can’t wait to start filling up my PaperChase notebook full of lecture notes. As well as looking forward to 3rd year I’m quite sad as in July I shall be graduating and will be saying goodbye to student life forever! I’m really adamant to make this year count, to actually go wild at Freshers as I’ve not really done the whole going out for an entire week and going to lectures hanging, so I’m quite excited to meeting new people and genuinely having an amazing year. I’m also hoping to find another 4 people to create my bloggers society as at the moment I have 1 person needed and need a minimum of 5. I have decided that if I don’t find 5 people to join my society I will join the newspaper and create a bloggers column instead so all in all I win both ways because in one way or another I will be part of a society.

I’m also going to one of my best friends daughters christening, her daughter is absolutely beautiful and I’m really excited as it will be such a great atmosphere and a fun day out, below is a picture of me on the day in my bright orange dress which I love… Eeekk


I can’t wait for this month to get started, to me September is like the best month of the year it’s where you get a chance to start over again, it’s just like New Years, a fresh new start and beginning.


Rosa X


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