lifeisfunbeingme is BACK ON!!

Hey Guys,

I’M BACK… I got back from my holiday a day ago and I have been so excited to get onto WordPress as soon as I could so that I could start writing to you guys letting you know what I have planned and how my holiday went Eeeekkk! 

MY HOLIDAY was absolutely amazing, although I am now suffering from it horribly. No I know what your thinking that I’ve got the worst hangover in the world but no it’s not due to alcohol I just have the worst cold in the world I feel awful, I’m so ill :(. I know I went to Magaluf but obviously I didn’t drink much as my diabetes doesn’t allow me too as even a glass of drink is harmful as it is. I’m not going to go into my holiday in much detail as I’m planning on writing my experience in Magaluf as my first article on and I am going to write a separate post on my time abroad along with pictures so watch this space:)

Now that I am back from Magaluf I’m also getting back into reality and adjusting to the million things that I need to add to my lists of things I need to get done before I move back to my student house and I’m ready for my final year with no worries holding me back. I’m feeling slightly stressed as I have 1000 things to do in 3 days. The thing about holidays is you drift into a world of your own and when your back you have to do all the things you didn’t do in the time that you were away. It’s a never ending circle. 

I’m going to start with ringing up student finance and finding out where my student loan is. They really really irratate me, in my eyes they need to make their application a lot simpler starting with not taking into account a family household just because a household may be over the threshold doesn’t mean that the parents support the children at university some have to fend for themselves. I don’t see why the governement doesn’t make the application by simply having to filling out your name, address, bank details and what university your going to. Then once the university accepts your place you are then paid with your loan. It shouldn’t have to take into account every financial detail of your household at the end of your degree the student themselves have to pay back their loan not the parents!

I also have to do the following before I move out…
– Go to the dentist to sort out a filling it’s so annoying because I’m not under 18 anymore these things become so expensive:(  
– Book a doctors appointment for my ear as when I went on holiday my ear wouldn’t pop so I want to make sure I haven’t caused any damage
– Finally go and see my dietician as I have mentioned before I’m not really the perfect role model or best diabetic but what I can do is become better so I’ve going to go and see my dietician to just go over the rules again and write me a diet.

Now that I have my computer back and I am writing my posts in the comfort of my bed on my laptop I need to reinstall everything from anti-virus to office to re organising all the computer files I didn’t lose.

I’ve only been away a week to find that I have 180 unread emails so I need to check through those and organise them in my email folders I know I’m a bit of a nerd I should really own a pair of geeky glasses.

I also need to look at the term dates for university now that I have my timetable & need to follow up and find out about if I can create my blogger society, I’m really excited that university starts in 12 days I cannot wait to get back into study mode… Eeeekk :)!

I have to go shopping and tick off my house list and to pack my life into a box and move out.

I also need to start writing for as I’ve not maintained my commitment of writing an article every 2 weeks. I am really excited about this as I have 2 articles that I shall be able to publish as I have to make up the time for being away on holiday.

I’m also working next Thursday & Friday so be sure to check out my workexperience blog to see what I did

Last but not least write all of this down into my my diary, organise and plan my days out so that it doesn’t have sticky notes everywhere.

I honestly don’t know why I’m constantly so busy! Where are the brake pedals?!

Time to get to work…

See you soon

Love Rosa X


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