My Achievements in the last few months…

So now that I have finally finished typing up the More Magazine work tips on my work experience blog, I would like to say how they really opened my eyes to all the experiences and opportunities running past me and I’m sat in my room right now typing and telling you what I’m missing out on. On Saturday I’m going to spend all day researching and seeing what else I can do to boost me up the social ladder and work hierarchy. Again I would like to remind you that I did not write the More tips myself and at the bottom of every post I have written what issue and article they were from.

I am so proud of myself with how my summer has gone I worked so hard throughout it, I put in so much energy into blogging, starting to think deeply about what to do my dissertation on and working flat out at my placement and writing up my diary entries. I feel I have grown so much in the last 3 months this summer really did change my perspectives. I’ve got so much positive energy around me that nothing is going to bring me down, I am more than determined to bag myself my dream job as soon as I have graduated to then keep working hard until I have reached the top of my future career!

Now that all tips have been uploaded and I’ve got rid of all my drafts, I’ve got a plan!
I’ve got a plan to finish….
-My other blogs before uni takes over my life on Monday
-Research going abroad to work for a year
-Start my dissertation 
-Find a placement where I am now living at university for my module Media Business

It’s all full speed ahead!!! 


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