My own stand…

As I’ve mentioned before I’m determined to do as many extra things as possible. It’s time for me to focus my energy on my blogger society which I have managed to create. I can now include on my CV President of the Blogger Society Eeeekkkk!!! It’s going to be tough it hasn’t even started and I have so much prep to do for it before our first meeting.

I was lucky enough to be able to have my own stall at my university Fresher’s Fair where I managed to recruit a further 6 people interested in joining.  

Blogger Stall

Although I need a minimum of 5 people to join & have 9 people including myself interested in my society I’m not going to stop there! The main campus doesn’t have a lot of the creative students enrolled at the campus whereas my campus does! Also a lot of the students that study at my campus don’t travel to the main campus as it’s a 45 minute drive. So on Monday morning I’m going to go into the library, open up PhotoShop/InDesign &  KeyNote and start creating blogger leaflets so that I can post them around campus and try to get more people interested, as well as in my free breaks walk around campus asking people if they would be interested in joining my society. I also need to write up my proposal and the intention of what I want my society to achieve as well as emailing the people interested all of the above details.

It’s time for me to get back to work because I did, I tried & I succeeded!! If you would like to see what I get up to in my society you can follow it here


Rosa X 


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