New look professionally

Over the summer holidays I have been putting a lot of my energy into updating my work experience & lifestyle blog simultaneously which is why both blogs have been a bit all over the place and have not been updated consistently. I worked so much this summer that some days I hardly had any time to myself let alone blogging which is why at times they suffered in lack of posts, although I’m pretty sure that you guys are getting a bit bored of me apologising all the time for the breaks I have with not posting, for my blog lacking in posts and going so long without updating you all bla bla bla…

I think I finally have it sorted, in the next few days I will have done everything on my summer to-do list, things will be then going a lot smoother and I wont need so many lists. I’m also working on making a weekly blog timetable as I am constantly so busy, especially with having to maintain my commitment with Yuppee, running my blogger’s society and writing up my 10,000 word dissertation. However I am happy to announce that my blogs are increasing in followers, so it means I must be doing something right! 

I have also created and updated my LinkedIn account too, so all that’s left is to go over my Facebook friends, I remember I spent 2 hours going through my Twitter and sorted it out with following people I relate too, people I’m interested in and things that I should be reading.  I went through and deleted tweets that could land me being in an embarrassing situation. AFTER READING THAT FUTURE EMPLOYEES GOOGLE YOU, I have been slightly paranoid so I think twice about what I upload onto the internet nowadays and often Google myself to check it’s all good. 

I would like to advice you with one phrase that, ‘IMAGE IS KEY!’ 


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