Hey Guys,

Yet another month has gone by and I can’t believe I’m already writing my 3rd ‘This Month’ post, time sure does fly! I don’t know what to say about this month apart from it will be a stressful/quiet one as I’ll be getting my head down and studying A LOT!

On the 13th I’ll be going home to celebrate my dads birthday, so it will be quite nice going home for a weekend and just chilling in my family home. At the end of the month is the exciting day of Halloween I’m very excited for this year as I have had my costume planned in advance as I’m going to be dressing up as the Cheshire Cat. Some of my friends tease me and say I have such a big smile that I look and remind them of it from Alice & Wonderland. I’ve composed a picture  below, what are your thoughts?

Chesire Cat

 I’m going to be very busy at university trying to juggle the modules I’m taking with planning to start my bloggers society so fingers crossed it all goes well. I’ve also got to maintain my commitment to Yuppee which I haven’t committed too. It’s so hard to be extra organised thankfully my diary is like my bible it’s helps me so much because I write EVERYTHING in there. I also have to make sure to keep you guys updated with my life… 

For those of you that also follow me on Twitter, watch out for my new updated bio to take place, I’m super excited to change it with things that show I am determined to get as far as to become a writer and conquer my dream… 



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