Media Obsessed

So I have taken a module called Media Business and one the assignments is called, ‘Participation’. For this assignment our lecturer wants to see us ‘Participate’ in lessons and Participate on our Facebook Page Media Business so that we don’t fail!! She showed us the below link about Bebo making a comeback! 

I’m excited for this I might actually make an account and join, if I’m honest the only reason why I still haven’t deactivated my Facebook is because of university, loads of our announcements are on Facebook and I run my blogger society via Facebook too! So for the moment I’m stuck with it… 

I really am such a Media Fanatic, at my work experience the PA sent me the link below as she knows I’m really into media and social networking!

For this module I really need to get stuck in and read a lot about Media Businesses so I have something worth discussing in class to count towards my participation assessment and not come and discuss it here after I’ve thought about how excited I really am to study this module. 



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