Busy Schedule

My life is currently crazy, I’ve been using sticky notes everywhere to help me keep on top of things you should see the state of my desk they are EVERYWHERE full of things that I need to get done… ahhhh,  I actually woke up with one in my hair:/ 

I’ve been busy editing the bloggers leaflet for my society and emailing it to the members that are currently interested to pass on the message. I’ve also been emailing back and forth the guy in charge of the university newspaper to be able to join, just in case my society doesn’t work out.

Even though today it’s Sunday it’s been no exception! I’ve still been super busy, I spent 4 hours doing my readings for tomorrows lecture’s and I was still no where near finished as I still had to do two essay plans and research for a group presentation. My life is just all over the place that if my friends want to make plans I might say, ‘Please ring me back in a year I might be able to hang out then.’ I never really believed third years when I’ve spoke to them before that they hadn’t gone out for months at a time but its because it’s true, you just don’t have the time… 

At least I achieved something today I’m up to date with all my university readings:)

Then there’s my biggest passion that I need to keep on top of too and that’s updating you guys as much as I can and still trying to find the time to write for Yuppee. I really need to take an hour tomorrow and focus purely on this as I haven’t maintained my commitment at all:(

Why aren’t there enough hours in the day?! I’m truly struggling!! I suppose this is my welcome to the adult world :/ 

The only thing that’s keeping me going at the moment is my little black diary, I don’t know what I would do without being organised, having sticky notes in my life and some sort of plan:)

See you soon

Rosa X 


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