I have to admit that….

I’m still immature! I might regret saying this by slightly contradicting myself BUT I have this theory that people don’t grow up they learn how to act in situations such as I am a hardworking girl but I’m also fun, down to earth and absolutely love being with my friends and acting like a complete idiot. To all my friends I’m known as the funny one, whenever I do or say something its always, ‘Ha that’s such a Rosa thing to do.’ 


When it comes to Media, Writing, University & my future I take my head out of the clouds buckle down and work my hardest to achieve all that I can!… 

I’ve currently changed my Facebook cover photo to the one below…


I don’t care how old you are but that inner child inside will always be there especially when you act immature, I’ve always loved Disney and I’m not ashamed to admit this but Yes The Lion King is part of my DVD collection. The Lion King has always been one of my favourite films and this picture has hundreds of connotations. Always, always remember your roots…. 


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