What a month October has been!! As you can see posts have been limited I’ve hardly been posting every few days. I’ve been juggling 1000 things at the same time but at least there was some light in the tunnel! Halloween… MEOW


Finally the month of November has arrived and I don’t have much planned this month as I’m so preoccupied with university, I know I’ve mentioned it a million times and keep going on about it but it truly is my entire life at the moment. I do apologise, I’ll try to stop going on about how much work I have to do in a million different ways! Apart from that I’m really looking forward to bonfire night, I’ve always loved winter, standing in the cold, wrapped up watching the sky being painted beautifully by colours on a dark canvas. I love it! I become mesmerised.

There’s also the event of the Christmas lights being turned on and everyone starting to do their Christmas shopping, I might try to be slightly more organised this year and try to get my Christmas shopping done in November rather than stressing myself out in December and then before I know it, it’s Christmas Eve.


Finally I can cross a deadline off my list, I’m a bit sad about it because yesterday my classmate who’s also course rep made our graduation event and invited everyone via Facebook. It got me thinking, we are on a timescale and time is slowly running out, I think for any student everyone is terrified of what happens after, up to this point of our lives education is all we’ve known to do.  Ok Ok, I lied! This will definitely the last time  to not mention uni for a while 🙂




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