Scrap your plans….

So I might be super organised and have a diary with my days planned out like I’m in the military camp. Last weekend I rang my parents to say I wasn’t coming home as this year of university is taking over my life that sometimes you forget to live.

My roommate was feeling a bit down about a boy and general life, usually on the weekend it’s the perfect opportunity to look like crap, stay in your pj’s and spend all day doing work and catching up. So I said, ‘Let’s scrap everything and have a day of fun, after all Sunday is tomorrow and we can work hard again then.’

I literally felt like we were in a movie doing as we felt fit. Its nice to just have a good day forget about everyone and everything and JUST have fun. Sometimes I forget that there’s always a tomorrow, we went Halloween shopping and I bought my costume, I’m so excited for it. When our day out had finished we were on our way home when it started to rain, where I live it rains all the time and we got stuck in terriantal rain I genuinely got home soaking from head to toe I can’t believe I lived here almost two years and still haven’t invested in some wellies! I guarantee that the day I do buy some it either stops raining or the day I don’t wear them it will rain again…

What I wanted to share is that its good to have a plan but sometimes just get rid of it and seize the day and do what you truly want to do! Of course me being me I had to find a picture…

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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