I have my focus point…

You might remember my previous post My summer decision…Dissertation where I discussed what I was thinking of doing my dissertation on. Last week I was allocated my dissertation supervisor, we had a lesson where all of the students that he was going to overlook were present so that he could go over, dos, don’ts and tips on how to get us started. Following that lesson he then gave us a sign up sheet so that he could meet us one to one. 

When I went to my appointment I was discussing how I wanted to really look at the concept of hash tagging by using Instagram but due to the lack of research I decided to look at how Google uses hash tagging. My supervisor told me that its quite a broad subject and I need to choose a more detailed area to focus on too. He then went on to say that looking at keywords is more focused towards what physics and mathematician students would study. I left feeling more unsure than I was before, back to square one and felt that I had to start again. 

One of the things that I love about my group is I have a class mate who’s borderline as crazy as me… so its pretty understandable that were quite close and get on really well. We also tend to have library dates where we say we’ll meet up to do work but really spend 95% of the time gossiping, (going slightly off track I know). Anyway I said to him, ‘Seeing as we have so much work to do shall we have a massive library day?’ So we met up and I was telling him how I was slightly stressed as I don’t know what to do for my dissertation. He was showing me how he got inspired and how he reached his focus point for his dissertation by drawing a simple spider diagram and to constantly branch off until he got to what he felt was a good idea to work from.

Bless him, I must admit he did help me a lot so I was telling him how I really want to look at the concept of hash tagging didn’t know how to focus it down. I then somehow got inspired and had like an epiphany shall we say, once I got my idea I wrote it down, before I forgot it obviously! I then started to look for journals and research to get me started and my class mate helped me out by looking up journals that could be of use to me.

 I’m so excited as now I have finally decided what to do and my new title is… 

‘How do brands use business strategies to incorporate the concept of hash tagging in order to become bigger’

Time to open Microsoft word and get started… 10,000 words left :/! 

Ok I lied I will be going on about university quite a lot! 

Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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