Believe in yourself:)

Usually I never YouTube people who sing their own versions of songs because I prefer the actual singer. For some reason my YouTube phone app doesn’t search all the songs available and I really wanted to listen to Yolanda Adams Honey soundtrack I Believe (Not I Gotta Believe they are entirely different) but they were all karaoke/instrumental versions of the songs…

I carried on scrolling through and it started showing videos of people singing there own version so I clicked on this video…

The thing that there are so many people that upload their lives on the internet made me realise that there are millions of other  awesome people out there, we just don’t know of them because they don’t have a celebrity status they are just regular people like me & you. 

Below is the original version (I couldn’t find the original video, I don’t think there is one), I don’t think you can even notice a difference?! 

That girl went onto American Idol I really do hope she goes far she has an amazing voice! 

I wanted to share the fact that I really wanted to listen to this song because everyone has dark times in their lives and I too have had one or two  when I heard this song, it made me happy! I smiled and I really believed that all your opinion of yourself is all that matters, this song helped me a lot, it helped me to realise that others who tried to push me down were wrong and that all I needed to do was to believe in myself, this song says it all! 

Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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