I would change for my child…

There are many things to inspire me to be better, to achieve all that I can and there are many people that I feel I can look up to, one is a child… 

Hes known as Kid President and I know I’ve referred to him many of times in my work experience blog BUT his videos are so inspiring and to have the power to inspire another person to do better I think is amazing!! I have always revisited his YouTube video Pep Talk when I’ve felt a bit down or lacking in motivation since a 3rd year student passed it onto us last year to not discourage ourselves during our studies. 

At the age of 4 I could barely read but he has already met the president!! Kind of amazing right?! If a child can pass on so much wisdom to an elder person, I say take it and go with it! 

It really makes me think if a child is anything like that, full of life and determination by the age of 4, surely you would do anything to be the best parent to him. I can 100% understand and see how a person would change their life and priorities for a child, I would do the same, in fact I can’t wait for the day that I too become a mum.  

Below are the two videos that I’m referring to…

Pep Talk

Kid President meeting Barack Obama

Don’t forget, “The Time To Be Awesome is NOW!” 

The Time to be awesome is now

Lifeisfunbeingme X 



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