November has been done and dusted and I feel like I’ve slightly lost my mojo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I have hardly been able to update you guys as much as I would have liked due to being totally swamped with uni work… Yes I’m moaning and going on about it AGAIN… I will warn you in advance expect plenty of moans until April when my last deadline is due, that’s when I hand in the big one…THE DISSERTATION!

This month really has flown by I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even realise how fast the days were passing by and before I know it myย favourite month of the year has finally arrived!!! Yayyy :)!! I have so much planned and so much to look forward too there’sย Christmas shopping, Christmas movies,ย Christmas,ย Christmas dinner,ย New Year & maybe even a New Years kiss, who knows?!


For those of you following my work experience diary you’ll see updates of what I will be getting up to… yep, I’m excited for this too… I’m a slight workaholic and actually enjoy going which will be followed by pay day CH-CHING!!

As I’m a diabetic it will be nice having an advent calendar to sooth my chocolate craving as I am hopeless with chocolate it’s my favourite thing in the whole world and if I could I would live in a chocolate house… Mmmmmย 

Every year I also tidy up my room and free a corner and for the month of December it’s know as my ‘Christmas corner’ I’ve only just started it so its really bare, as you can see I have Christmas cards ( I don’t care I still send mine out :)! ), wrapping paper & present tags soon there will be presents ready to be wrapped up too… Eeeeeekkk I’m slightly excited to go Christmas Shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

After next Friday when I have handed in my final deadline for this term, its time to pack and go home for the Christmas holidays!! I’m so excited for this I get to go home andย spend 2 weeks at home with my family<3 , I literally can’t wait!! Before I travel home I just have to ย ring my parents with this song just like I did last year to bug them with…

The only downside to the Christmas holidays is thatย I’m going to have to be coming back to my student house a bit earlier this year as I have 2 deadlines awaiting me in the first week of the spring term :(! Sometimes it really does bug me to have toย study so much as deadlines sometimes really stress me out. BUT then again sometimes I like sitting down and actually writing and getting an essay done, ย it gives me something to do:) ย In the summer I’m always bored after the first week of the holidays cos I like to have something to do so I blogged a tonne as you guys would have noticed by the amount of notifications you received by me. Apologies on that one ๐Ÿ™‚

During my time at home I’ll be helping out with decorating the house this bit here is my FAVOURITE! I love making the house all christmassy again ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m the one who always puts up the tree, gets the songs on and gets everyone in the Christmas ย spirit. Yay!ย 

As well as being home I’ll have time to be catching up with friends from home but I have feeling that I’m going to be so busy I won’t even get time to do that and before I know I’ll be writing my January post moaning about how I didn’t get the chance to hang out with all my friends:(ย 

This might sound strange but one of the things that I love is the winter cold in December and in every town they have the German markets I don’t know if its the same for you in your Town/City. The food that they have is amazing from their mulled wine to their hot dogs with ketchup, yum:) there hot chocolates and crepes are even better. They even have loads of stalls that sell the cutest things I literally cannot resist looking at what they have every time I go to town.ย 

I think this is probably the most exciting post I’ve wrote so far…. Enjoy December


Lifeisfunbeingme Xย 


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