November has been done and dusted and I feel like I’ve slightly lost my mojo 😦 I have hardly been able to update you guys as much as I would have liked due to being totally swamped with uni work… Yes I’m moaning and going on about it AGAIN… I will warn you in advance expect plenty of moans until April when my last deadline is due, that’s when I hand in the big one…THE DISSERTATION!

This month really has flown by I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even realise how fast the days were passing by and before I know it my favourite month of the year has finally arrived!!! Yayyy :)!! I have so much planned and so much to look forward too there’s Christmas shopping, Christmas movies, Christmas, Christmas dinner, New Year & maybe even a New Years kiss, who knows?!


For those of you following my work experience diary you’ll see updates of what I will be getting up to… yep, I’m excited for this too… I’m a slight workaholic and actually enjoy going which will be followed by pay day CH-CHING!!

As I’m a diabetic it will be nice having an advent calendar to sooth my chocolate craving as I am hopeless with chocolate it’s my favourite thing in the whole world and if I could I would live in a chocolate house… Mmmmm 

Every year I also tidy up my room and free a corner and for the month of December it’s know as my ‘Christmas corner’ I’ve only just started it so its really bare, as you can see I have Christmas cards ( I don’t care I still send mine out :)! ), wrapping paper & present tags soon there will be presents ready to be wrapped up too… Eeeeeekkk I’m slightly excited to go Christmas Shopping 🙂

After next Friday when I have handed in my final deadline for this term, its time to pack and go home for the Christmas holidays!! I’m so excited for this I get to go home and spend 2 weeks at home with my family<3 , I literally can’t wait!! Before I travel home I just have to  ring my parents with this song just like I did last year to bug them with…

The only downside to the Christmas holidays is that I’m going to have to be coming back to my student house a bit earlier this year as I have 2 deadlines awaiting me in the first week of the spring term :(! Sometimes it really does bug me to have to study so much as deadlines sometimes really stress me out. BUT then again sometimes I like sitting down and actually writing and getting an essay done,  it gives me something to do:)  In the summer I’m always bored after the first week of the holidays cos I like to have something to do so I blogged a tonne as you guys would have noticed by the amount of notifications you received by me. Apologies on that one 🙂

During my time at home I’ll be helping out with decorating the house this bit here is my FAVOURITE! I love making the house all christmassy again 🙂 I’m the one who always puts up the tree, gets the songs on and gets everyone in the Christmas  spirit. Yay! 

As well as being home I’ll have time to be catching up with friends from home but I have feeling that I’m going to be so busy I won’t even get time to do that and before I know I’ll be writing my January post moaning about how I didn’t get the chance to hang out with all my friends:( 

This might sound strange but one of the things that I love is the winter cold in December and in every town they have the German markets I don’t know if its the same for you in your Town/City. The food that they have is amazing from their mulled wine to their hot dogs with ketchup, yum:) there hot chocolates and crepes are even better. They even have loads of stalls that sell the cutest things I literally cannot resist looking at what they have every time I go to town. 

I think this is probably the most exciting post I’ve wrote so far…. Enjoy December


Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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