Lifeisfunbeingme is closed…

Hey Guys,

Don’t worry it’s not my last post I’m just hibernating for a week, as I have so much uni work to do, essay after essay including the big one completing parts of my dissertation… Ahhhh!

For those of you following  my work experience blog you will have seen that I’ve been going to my placement as part of my module 3 days a week for the last 2 weeks, I’ve also been invited to my work Xmas party and I’m super excited about it too:) BUT this week I’ve been lucky to take it off as I have to concentrate fully on my deadlines! 

However If you really do love reading lifeisfunbeingme I’m pretty sure that I will post something during the next week and it will probably be  because I’m procrastinating, moaning about how bored I am or starting to go hysterical as I’m getting to the ‘freak out stage.’ If you follow me on Twitter too there will be plenty of moans being updated! Luckily I like to think of myself as organised with my diary and I have everything written down so I don’t have to start panicking and I can fully complete these deadlines so as soon as I click publish it’s time to work!!! 

I have decided that I have every excuse to to go shopping because of my Christmas work party so at least if I study something like 8 hours a day I can go out and do some shopping in the evening… Yay!!! 

I’ll post again on Friday updating you how sleep deprived I am, how happy I am that its the Christmas holidays and how I’m getting ready to ring my parents with this Christmas song… 


Lifeisfunbeingme X


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