Hi I’m deadline girl…

Morning all!! :)… Actually Good Afternoon I’ve been up since 9am writing my International media essay which has to be 2500 words. I’m currently on 1700 and think its time for a break!

OK I lie…:/ I’m already procrastinating and I was thinking about how people go through their own coping strategies to get through the stressful period of deadline week, so I thought why not blog about this?! I’m very excited to share this with you…  

I thought I would use my time wisely as I waiting for my laptop to load this morning and drew this drawing of a sunny day with a beach, you can tell whats on my mind… I want relaxation instead I’m feeling like this ahhhhhh! 


The second thing I noticed was my desk is accumulating dust :O I must stop everything I’m doing and clean, it is dirty so I must clean even though I have my essay to do but its fine I will spend 10 minutes which turns into a full house clean and then get back to my essay but before I know it oops its dinner time I now need to eat!  



I mean just look at the state of my desk, a pile of paper is starting to form and rise, ahhh! I don’t even know what the content of the piece of paper on the bottom is… oops


I somehow forget that we have a kitchen that has a dining table and my room suddenly becomes my prison for the next 48 hours, plates are also starting to accumulate! 


I have no time for making my bed so it will have to look like this I mean I’m wasting 20 seconds doing this when I could write 10 words in that time and I’m closer to finishing my essay Yayyy!….


Last but not least…say hello to deadline girl, there is no time to waste for make up, getting dressed and doing your hair when your in the house locked in your room no one is going to see you anyway apart from the four walls surrounding you. I call it ugly week so its to time to wack out my onesie and get to work!   


There’s no time to waste must get back to my essay…  Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

See you soon 🙂 

Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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