That Sound…

For those of you following you can tell from my previous diary entries I have been simply sat at my desk typing up the data entries whilst listening to music all day BUT today I wanted a break from having music blasted in my head…
Listening to the background commotion in my office one sound struck me the most and it was the following one…

Guess what it is…

That’s right all I can hear is typing (although it’s pretty much a given as the video is called typing), typing of all speeds there are editors that type quietly, fast, some who type loudly and some that are a mixture of the above. All I can say is that being the one pushing the keyboard to write a sentence is my dream. Some have dreams of being rich or being the first person to break a record, some of you may laugh and think that my dream is stupid but everyone has a different one and mine is literally to write!  

I actually wish I was stressed about writing not that’s it’s a nice feeling but to be able to be stressing over your dream has to be  such an achievement!

I cant wait till I’m Rosa Aversa – Editor  

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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