This post was meant to be posted on the 1st of January as part of my ‘This Month’ it was meant to go something along these lines…

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Wow this is my first 2014 post and I hope that you are super hungover and had a massive party to celebrate your new years and to remember that once your hangovers are gone be sure to stick to your New Years Resolution!:D 

My second favourite month of the year has finally arrived and that is for one reason and one reason only MY BIRTHDAY!!! This year I have decided to dress up as Super Mario as I’m Italian, town will be surrounded full of Mario’s and Luigi’s it going to be brilliant haha I’m so excited…

The second thing I’m looking forward too is giving my sister her 21st birthday present, you will have to wait until I write the blog post to see what I got her although I am writing this post from memory I still haven’t given it to her but I’m hoping to take a snap of her reaction haha… I can’t wait!

Last but not least money, money, money….

Only joking I’m not rich I’m just looking forward to receiving my student loan which = shopping… Eeekk

Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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