New Year Cliche…

I know it’s February but its only been a month a half since New Years and I wanted to say a little something about resolutions, everyone has there own plan of what they are doing, what their New Years resolution will be… Many people tend to moan at others who say this year will be the best, I’m going to do this, that and the other, I’m going to change and enter this year with a bang! So what?! 

I’m guilty of doing all of the above myself judging others too, last year my new years resolution was to keep next years one which shows at how bad I am at procrastinating right?! I just think you don’t need new years to change you don’t even need tomorrow, you just need now! Change what ever it is that you are willing to do to improve yourself right this second you have nothing to lose, so you want to go on a diet put down that packet of crisps that you eat with whilst surfing the web, I do that too! Seriously put it down! Make the changes that you need to and stick them out because many people have the thought but many may not carry it on how many have already broken your resolution and see New Years as have being months ago?! Don’t wait for next new years to re-new them. A lot can be lost by then… 

I wish you all of an excellent year wishing you success love good health friendships money luck and all of the imaginable 🙂 


Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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