A whole two months… Eeekkk!!


I am so excited because I just got back from university after handing in my masculinity essay… yayyy :)! The best part is I have a break of 2 months to focus solely on writing up my dissertation and to be honest I’m actually really excited I’m going to be writing about what I want on an area that interests me, finally a bit of fun!  I now have time to do stuff without having the worry of other assignments to factor in I can plan out my days with working during the day, updating my moans on my dissertation throughout the night and hopefully be inspired enough to write something for Yuppee. I might start thinking about my plans for after graduation…

I might look up summer grad jobs, STA Travel and maybe make plans for some writing projects I have always wanted to write a book and given the fact that I will probably be unemployed for a while when I finally get an interview and my future employer asks me to fill in this gap of not doing anything I can say that I wrote… yayy!

The possibilities are endless…

I’m going to bed as I am seriously sleep deprived 2 hours sleep is not good, night….

Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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