Finally the cold winter months are over and its time for daffodils to dot themselves around the country, they bring such happy memories. For those of you that know how addicted to chocolate I am I cannot wait for Pancake day, in Italy this tradition doesn’t exist but there are shops that just sell crepes/pancakes and if that dint one of the best things in this world, I don’t know what is! Pancakes in Italy stem away from the traditional sugar and lemon filling and use fillings such as Nutella & Smarties or Nutella & Nuts or they can be filled with fruit, you name it the combinations are endless! I cannot wait to scoff my face with one when I go this Summer EEEEEKKKKKK!!!  Also as Shrove Tuesday is lent I have promised my friends to give up my lie ins (Trust me I have way too many!!) Fizzy drinks, more importantly Diet Coke waaaa:(, Cheese because I eat it with EVERYTHING & Chocolate… I will be honest I do foresee posts of me moaning at how hard it is being deprived of the above 😦

The best thing that is at the top of my list is my baby quad sisters are turning 18…


Finally we can all go clubbing together!!! I am so excited for this celebration although buying 4, 18 birthday presents will cost a bomb so if you are one of my friends and you are reading this, I will warn you that you won’t see me at any socials for a while… Sorry 😦 If your amazed and fascinated by them do follow their Twitter page! 

I’m also going to a bloggers fashion event this month, I’m really excited to be going as there is the opportunity to meet a tonnes of new bloggers. I also think I should open my eyes to fashion a tiny bit more I’m going to try and create a fashion blog but whether I stick to it or lose interest lies with the future… updates of this will be coming soon!

One thing that does sadden me is that another month has gone past and my dissertation is due in at the end of next month which makes me realise how close I am to graduating, I’m going to miss university so much which is why I hope my life will develop to be something out of a film where I move in with 3 boys and I’m Jess from New Girl or even better I move in with my Best Friend and we end up living opposite two guys just like F.R.I.E.N.D.S OR I end up being just like Bridget Jones and when I least expect it I finally find my Mr Mark Darcy ❤ 

I know I’m a dreamer… ahhhhh 

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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