Hey Guys,

April is finally upon us and Easter is now in sight… I know that my blog has been slightly bare but my life is so crazy at the moment! Its so hard managing your time and prioritizing what to complete next. To make matters worse I have been so busy that I haven’t been doing anything interesting so I have nothing to blog, I feel like ‘LIFEISNOTFUNBEINGBORING’ Although I have one huge update to tell you…

I applied for my first job ever… not any job, MY DREAM JOB!! Its a position for Social Media Editor and this job entails everything that I want to be doing with my life it contains my entire dream, I only applied yesterday so fingers crossed, hopefully I get to the interview stage!

As you can see I’m getting better at not moaning so much but to be honest its only because I haven’t had time… scrap that I completely contradicted myself by what I wrote at the beginning of this post.

To be honest I foresee another month of limited posts due to my dissertation being due in at the end of the month, its currently taking over my entire life I’m up to the findings section, I’m leaving my survey on data policies open for a few more days, if you’ve read this far feel free to take it if you like… smartsurvey.co.uk/s/109786GHEHR you need to be between 16-35, its 15 questions long and all surveys are anonymous. 

 I’m actually really enjoying writing it, it’s quite fun and I’ve even found another background music track which I’m addicted too, so relaxing… 

I’m really looking forward to handing it in and showing it off, apart from that I don’t have much planned…

I’ll be going home for a few days during the Easter Holiday  and spending it with my family which is always nice!

See you soon

Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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