The question, ‘What are your weaknesses?’ has to be the single most annoying yet terrifying question that you can be asked, I feel… especially at an interview because if you sold yourself and the employer in his mind has decided he is going to hire you, you could completely blow this by your response when asked this DEAL BREAKER question. I never know what to say, I have to Google answers do you honestly want to know one of my weaknesses?!

How about this?!

‘I am the single most hopeless romantic you will ever meet with my head in the clouds 24/7 waiting for my happily ever after. I am mess of a human being that miraculously still has friends and if you ask them they will tell you the same thing. I’m always all over the place and my role model is Bridget Jones (Psstt by the way I know she is not real) because whenever I feel sad or give up hope Bridget Jones Diary restores my faith in everything because I think if she can find Mark Darcy and still be a mess of a human where he likes her just the way she is then so can I!!’ 

Another one of my bad traits which is perhaps what I should say to an employer is I hate having to wait for things, that’s why I can never stick to diets because I want to see the results straight away not in 6 months I really am quite an impatient person and it always lands me in trouble because when I rush something I always end up making stupid mistakes, that is my WEAKNESS…

It’s like playing the game and we all know which one I’m referring too…because I’m IMPATIENT I have a different tactic which is probably why I’m still single… hmmm! I don’t believe in the ‘play hard to get’ crap. I think personally if you like someone there is no point in beating it round the bush, I just don’t get why you wouldn’t go for it instead of investing the time to play games. Why not just see where this new potential relationship could go, I hate people that play these silly games. Just don’t be mean and make someone chase you… 

One thing I personally hate and guys reading this all girls will agree with me, so bare this in mind the next time you tell a girl, ‘I’ll text you.’ Because when we then do not hear from you, we kind of go nuts! You do not understand the frustration you put us girls through, we stare at our phone for hours on end, question ourselves, ring our girlfriends and say, ‘Maybe hes not interested anymore but why would he take my number?’ ‘Why hasn’t he text me, when he said he would:(?’ You guys don’t see this but its true! 

THE WORST PART IS THIS STUPID SOUND…. It doesn’t help staring at your phone like a hawk and having it by your speakers like I do when you then hear this noise…

The annoying part is that you have been waiting around for this stupid text even if it ends up saying, ‘Hi.’ We all know that it will brighten up our day but that stupid noise infuriates me because its inconsistent and that text message never appears giving me false hope 😦  OR when a text message does come through and its from someone you don’t want to speak to the amount of times I have wanted to throw my phone across my bedroom floor, but I haven’t because its an expensive one is ridiculous! If it was a Nokia 3310 it would definitely be in pieces by now 😦

Guys do us a favour and just text us! 

I hate waiting.

AnImpatientLifeisfunbeingme X 


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