Ok I know I usually blog as to why I’m really looking forward to this month and I know my blog is called lifeisfunbeingme but I can’t help but feel lifeissadbeingme…. yes I do have sad days too and I do not expect comments like, ‘Cheer up!’ I’ll be fine I just want to let it out and have a rant…


The end of my next life chapter has finally arrived and I’m not ready to turn the page I can’t help but re-read it over and over again to look back instead of looking forward…

I cannot believe how fast it’s gone but the end of my degree is right round the corner I’m literally 5500 words away from handing in my last ever deadline, I don’t want to write them! I really don’t want university to end and one thing I keep kicking myself over is how I’ve handled certain things, I wish I was Adam Sandler from Click so that I can rewind my life and get a second chance! I want to rewind the last two years and do them all over again, if there is one thing I can tell you… do not let bad experiences, anxiety and being shy hold you back from living life and experiencing it, I regret it so much! I would rather regret making myself look like a fool for the rest of my life and being completely out of my comfort zone than to hold back thinking, ‘I could have done that!’ 😦

If your a bit like me… a bit of a human mess :/ The best advice I can give you is to get sucked up into the Hollywood imagination and watch a feel good film like, ‘Yes Man’ because the world can become your oyster… full of unlimited opportunities you just need pursue them!

As stupid as it seems Yes Man is such a true representation of life because you never know what your missing out on by not ever saying YES! 

This video is also a perfect example of how our generation do not EXPERIENCE… 

It makes you think doesn’t it? I hate not interacting with people, talking to someone behind a screen is so boring, there so much more to seeing someone face to face 🙂 I think that before social media helped us to maintain a social life but now were so busy updating it that it makes us miss out on life…

I’ll give you one example that bugs me are those people that can afford to send Snapchats every single moment of the goddamn day how do you have the time to pull out your phone and think, ‘Wait! I need to capture this!’ ?! I tend to be the opposite for two reasons:

  1.  Because I never have data on my phone
  2. Well you’ve read my caption… I’m too busy LIVING during the day & ready to be writing during the night. By the time I think to capture something the moments passed… I just don’t get it !

May for me, is a bit of a mixed one because I’m more scared and sad than I am looking forward to this month and its because I’ll be leaving my comfort zone and going into a new experience of which I haven’t got the slightest clue of what will happen, the excitement for it isn’t there, I’m just terrified of the unknown :/ I’ll be honest if most people were me they would be jumping over the moon if they could reveal the news that they’ve got a job…

In my previous posts I mentioned  that I applied for a social media editor job which I didn’t get it due to not being experienced enough:( but as the expression goes, ‘When one door closes another one opens…’ For me it did, another door actually did open and I was offered the receptionist position for the same publishing company. It’s not my dream job but its a starting point and we all have to start somewhere… the best aspect for me is that regardless of the job title I am still in a media environment with potential to work my way up… I can carry on blogging, get involved with different media projects and improve myself as a media professional with potential to be an editor… 

I am proud of myself to know all this hard work paid off, to know that my work experience diary served for something, to know I’ll be fresh out of uni with huge prospects in front of me already and to know at the end of the month  I get my first ever paycheck BUT I can’t help but wish uni was a bit longer…

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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