I know I’m 21 days late in posting my ‘This month’ post but don’t worry you haven’t missed much out of the things I’m looking forward too because my favourite part of the month is now! The next week and a half I have a tonne going on and I’m so excited that I think this calls for an EEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!

It’s crazy but when you reflect over a period of time such as a year or maybe 2 you can see the changes that have happened in your life but I find I’m such a busy bee that in just 30 days so much of my life changes…

I know that May was a bit of sad post and yet again I was having a huge moan but I’ve decided that I might as well try to be happy because there’s no point in wasting 60 seconds with a frown and being sad when you can be jumping around your room daydreaming and being happy about life’s endless possibilities just like Tigger…

Or would you rather be Eeyore?! 

I literally cannot sit still that my hands are typing ever so fast to tell you, my favourite reader why I’m so happy for the next 9 days… Eeeekk! 🙂

First things first…

The world cup… eeekkk!  I know I’m a typical girl that hasn’t got a clue about football who thinks that boys waste their lives away watching a ball being kicked around for 90 minutes. 


When the world cup comes on its a totally different story I absolutely love it! A lot of people always ask me if I support England in the world cup and unfortunately I don’t because I have to stay true to my roots I’m Italian from the heart I was bought up Italian and if you had to ask me what my favourite part of the world cup is I would have to say this…

I truly feel that we have the best national anthem to sing to… Fratelli D’Italia, Forza!!! 

This time round I’m supporting Columbia because I got them in my sweepstake at work and I really want to win as well as Italy of course!!! 

I’m also looking forward to a change because whenever something new happens to me I always feel its time to do something new and I change my appearance in some way whether its a new hair cut, a new colour or just something new in order to start this new time with a new me 🙂 This time I’ve opted for getting my hair highlighted with a tonne of different browns, cause I will always be a brunette I love my dark hair too much! 

OK this sounds really stupid but I’m actually looking forward to buying the perfect waterproof mascara, because I cannot go through life constantly re-applying my make up believe me this month I’m really going to need one! I really am the most emotional person you can come across I’m just hopeless my friends tend to ignore me if I cry because I cry over anything… yeah its one of my bad traits :/ I genuinely dread to think what I’ll be like when I’m pregnant, knowing my luck I’ll probably be crying for 9 months straight! 

Anyway at the end of the month my contract for my student house finishes and I’ll be leaving Cardiff for good, I’m absolutely gutted that I have nothing to keep me there!  I have lost count the amount of times I have cried that I have finished university 😦 I cannot believe just last month I was living the student life and now I’m a working girl back in my home town… 

I think that for you other hopeless girls in this world this might have a good outcome because I can test them for you I’m pretty sure they’ll be some tears waiting to drop right around the corner so that I can review the ‘Perfect Waterproof Mascara!’ and write a post on how if your going to cry at least do it in style! I might as well see the silver lining in things, right? 

Aside from the waterproof mascara I also need to buy a graduation dress which I’m really really excited for! I cannot believe that me – Rosa Aversa will be graduating next month. I actually proved so many people wrong and passed university I actually did it! Obviously I cried when I got my results! I’m so proud of myself, I have loved every single second of university life and so far its been my favourite part of my life chapters! I know I’ve said it a million times but I’m so gutted to be leaving it behind…

I haven’t even got a clue what kind of dress I want but I know it has to be perfect with perfect shoes, clutch bag and accessories this is going to be so exciting ahhhhh!! A shopping trip with just me and my mother and my fathers credit card is in order… Eekkk! Not going to apologise for being spoilt there! 

As I’ve mentioned the contract for my student house runs out and having a full time job I haven’t been able to take advantage of the last months rent due to not being there but amazingly the end of June falls on a weekend and I would be a fool to not take advantage and leave Cardiff with a BANG!!! I even made a Facebook event for this, for just me and my roommates because I left way to much alcohol in Cardiff and that needs to be consumed I refuse to just leave it there!  As sad as I am that my degree has come to an end and there is nothing I can do about it…I might as well embrace the end of this era and accept it! Have one last wild weekend to wrap up Cardiff nicely and leave in style… I’m going to miss it so much:(! 

Last but not least Payday weekend… Ch-Ching!!! I love my job so much that I’m actually praying I pass my probation at work, its really good as well because at university I was the worst example of a student that I think the dictionary should have had a definition for, ‘being a student called Rosa’ I was literally the worst… always late leaving my deadlines till the day before but my excuse was always that when going into a newspaper or a magazine company their not going to give you 3 months for a deadline they’ll give you 40 minutes if your lucky so if I can do a good job of an essay in 7/8 hours I’ll be fine in the real world! I’m so grateful for my job because being there has got me into a good routine, I’m actually improving my time management, organisations skills and to top that off I’m actually using my diary to plan my days… I feel like a brand new woman 😀 

Now that I’ve finally gotten over my writers block and finally had some burst of inspiration to simply write make sure you subscribe to follow my life…

LifeISfunbeingme X  


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