Natural Vs Fake

I once heard on the radio that the average woman wears their best face for about 90 minutes throughout the whole day before that full cover foundation you spent a fortune on begins to show the cracks underneath. This is why I’m slightly envious of boys because the way I see it is that boys are  lucky because we girls can see their true identity and what they really look like 24/7… 

Whereas us girls we hide away under eye liner, mascara, fake eye lashes, a bucket of foundation which is always topped off with bronzer but the thing is you boys never see our true faces… maybe once in a blue moon you might be lucky enough to see our true identity and what we really look like with no crap on our face but that’s always a maybe!!  So after that crap statistic unless you visit the toilet every 40 minutes to top up your make up we might as well look natural 24/7 and embrace our natural faces, right?! 

I’ve always been laid back with my appearance – in particular doing my make up, to be honest I just cannot be bothered to sit in front of the mirror putting it on. I’m too much of a mess of human being and too busy being all over the place, let alone having 10 minutes to calmly sit down and cake my face in make up!… Especially when I was at uni, as you all know I have the tendency to be slightly unorganised (I’m pretty sure this has come across in previous posts) all over the place and always running late. Often I would run into uni with no make up on what so ever and the one time I would make the effort my roommates would question me with, ‘Ok you look like a real girl who are you trying to impress today?!’  ‘Umm no one I just miraculously got up on time and was on top of my life for once…’ which rarely I mean rarely happens!! 

So here goes here goes lifeisfunbeingme in my natural most baring self… 


I don’t know about you or how many of you have joined the trend of joining Tinder and Plenty of Fish where you can meet new people online… but the two apps are the most judgmental shallow image based apps ever created where everything is judged on appearance and considering we live in a world where image is everything these apps do nothing but fuel it! BUT because your talking to someone behind a phone it’s easy to tell a little white lie to perhaps take a picture in good light, add a filter to hide those couple of spots and ultimately create your perfect self. 

Below is the picture I have used for my profile I too am guilty of the above but this is me at my best, caked in make up ready for a night out topped off with a filter from instagram, using a camera angle from above and not showing the fact that in real life I’m a size 12…


I almost feel the above girl is my alter ego like I look nothing like her in real life and that in a perfect world she would be the real me. I feel like I should put in my bio… ‘Don’t get too excited I’m instagrammed’

Maybe I should try and see the reaction I get with uploading my natural selfie! 

With the constant beauty advertisements we are bombarded with of course were going to be afraid to show our true selves and believe that  anyone looks better with a flawless face straightened hair well styled hair and that you’ll turn a few more heads than the ones you are at the moment if you look like the one I posted of my natural self…

I’ve actually changed my bio too…

I hate writing about myself so if your really interested in finding out what kind of girl I am check out my blog…

AND if you have to know

I’m ditzy, I’m a hopeless romantic, I believe in a happily ever after, my favourite film is Bridget Jones, I’m a mess of a human being just like her, I love blogging, I’m Italian, my life dream is to be an editor, I haven’t got a clue about life let alone about the male species

Oh and one last thing don’t get too excited I’m instagrammed

Anaturallifeisfunbeingme X 


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