I cannot believe it but July is my 12th ‘This month’ post it’s been a year since I started sharing my happiness as to why at the beginning of every month  I have been looking forward to it and trust me these posts are not going to end here…

This month my diary will expire which gives me the perfect excuse to visit Paperchase and use and abuse my card… Eeekkkk  I don’t think I know anyone who loves stationary as much as me and gets so excited by pens and paper! I think its because I look at the bigger picture… I think of the imagination that will be transferred onto a piece of paper giving it a story to tell, a life and a purpose! 

Just like this… 


The next thing I’m looking forward too is a huge event coming up… a once in a lifetime thing my graduation!

I’m so excited to go back to Cardiff for one last time to see my friends and to start and celebrate our future together, as excited as I am…. there’s also the sad part I’ll try not to cry whilst I’m writing it but its also the last time we’ll officially be Class 2014 BA Hons Media Communication 😦 I cannot believe that after next week I have to change all my online profiles from student to graduate 😦 I’m going to miss the student life so much I loved every single second of it the tears, the happy moments, the failures, the achievements, the great moment that is handing in your 10,000 word dissertation, the arguments, the friends, the workload,  the stress and last but not least the life memories! All the above created the best two years of my life and I’m so sad to see it go! Your right I lied give me 5 minutes because I need to go and get about 10 boxes of tissues! 

As for graduation I feel that every student will back me up we need to look perfect!  Although I will try to not let my stupid emotions for once get the better of me I will be wearing waterproof mascara as a precaution and make sure my mother contains my entire make up bag in her bag for back up! I cannot wait to spend the day with everyone, reminisce and toast to our future it feels like such an honor that I am able to say I have a degree!  I’m now Rosa Aversa – Media Communication graduate this is by far my proudest moment ever :)!!


Although my friends are the types of people that don’t let emotions get the better of themselves I find that I’m the complete opposite otherwise I would not be known to many as Rosa Aversa – a complete mess of a human! Whilst I’m terrified of going yet excited at the same time, still don’t have a clue what I’m wearing, scared my sugars will drop half way through the ceremony or that I’m going to be that one student that falls over:/! I can’t help but wish that my granddad should have been there to see me receive my degree if there was one person on this earth that I could spend an extra half an hour with it would always… ALWAYS be him against any amazing celebrity out there because nothing can EVER beat love :(! I miss you so much… 

On top of feeling a roller coaster of emotions about my graduation my work are also hosting a blog club this Wednesday which I’m really looking forward too 🙂 I always love meeting new bloggers and see what other people write about and what their takes on blogging are. So this should be exciting, watch this space I’ll shall be updating you…

As this is my 12th ‘This Month’ post I thought it would be fun to go back and screen shot my favourite moments out of the last year…

Here goes… 









Love life ALWAYS, because…. 



Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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