It’s crazy but when you become a working girl, time really does get ahead of you without you even realising. Everything moves so fast that I cannot believe we are in September already! Before I know it I’ll be writing my December post telling you how excited I am for Christmas…

The month of September I’ve always thought is a bit of a special one because it’s where the magical moments that summer gives us ends and it becomes time to get serious as the real work begins….

Whilst for many September is a new start of going back to school, catching up with your friends and a chance to redeem yourself by improving your grades from the year before. For me this is the first year that it won’t be happening and I can’t tell you how sad that makes me feel 😦 I’m gutted that I can’t go into Paperchase and spend my weeks allowance on stationary ready to start my uni course or go shopping to buy things that I’ll need for my uni house. It’s the most strangest sensation because there’s not that excitement of going back to school it’s just life is continuing and that’s it, it makes me think what do I actually have to look forward to, now that my social life has slowed down because we all work and nobody ever has the time to do anything whether it’s just a phone call or going out for lunch.

This month is probably the first month that I don’t know what I’m really looking forward too…

I could say I’m looking forward to work as it is an office full of amazing people even though I do have a few things I can share but nothing major like I would have had if this was a year ago…

I’m going to my one of my best friends baby shower who I’ve known since I was in reception, I can’t believe she’s going to have a baby! I’ve always been one to love children, in my household it’s always joked that I will be the first one to have a child :/ So below is a picture of baby shower gifts from me… eeekk!


I thought it’d be best to get her things she’d need rather than a bunch of baby clothes which in a few months time won’t fit anymore right?

What else is there…hmm?

I’m going to another Blog club which I’m looking forward to as it’s always good to gain tips, network and meet some awesome new bloggers. So make sure you watch this space for updates…

I’m also an awful cook for being Italian BUT my work is hosting a bake-off to raise money for cancer and I can’t say no to that so I’m going to get my sister to help me make some amazing cup cakes as she loves baking, so with her assistance hopefully they won’t come out burnt and disgusting! The competition for the bake off title begins the 26th September so watch this space for the recipe on how to make some awesome, OK average…cup cakes and who’s cakes were awesome enough to have the privilege of being bake off champion Eeekkk!

That’s it for September, have fun this month:)…

Lifeisfunbeingme X



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