I’ve never been so excited to write up my ‘This Month’ post I literally have so much to share & so much to look forward too this month 🙂 I hope that you are as excited to read October as I am writing it!

The most exciting thing that has to be shared first is that October is the month of the colour orange, I know maybe not officially, but to me it is! I just love when all the leaves start to fall on the ground and the world looks like the picture above… it kind of takes your breath away right? It’s just so romantic ❤

Not only is October the month of the colour orange, its also one of my favourite colours, I genuinely cannot get enough of it! I once bought these bright orange jeans from Primark and then one day they ripped, I was actually gutted:( they were my favourite pair and I wore them all the time! BUT on my next visit to Primark they still had the orange jeans in stock so guess what I did?! Yep, I bought myself another pair just because I could!

My best friend cannot stand my obsession with the colour orange, she always has a go at me about my fashion sense as she studies fashion I have now become her project to fix:/ Every time we go out, I have to put in the effort which I hate because I just cannot be bothered but if I’m seeing her I have to make sure I look good, even though its never good enough because somehow I always manage to commit a fashion faux pais which she obviously tells me off for…Ooops! However miracles do happen because this month she’s actually supporting my obsession with orange because orange is in… Eeeekkk! I may have to use this to my advantage and convert her to an orange lover ;)! I even have a matching hat & scarf which I cannot wait to get out of the wardrobe ready for when the evenings are much colder…Eeeekkk!! Do expect to begin to see many orange based selfies on my Instagram! To top my orange obsession, on the weekend I went shopping and bought an orange nailvarnish which so happens to be the colour I’m currently wearing, I’m so ready for Autumn…


I promise that this will be the last orange related comment that makes me super happy but my mother has also re-accessorised the bathroom and coincidentally bought orange towels & carpets…Eeekk! I definitely challenge you to say that your bathroom looks brighter than mine…


Now for the rest of the reasons why I’m so excited for this month…

As you know I tend to sometimes moan about being a diabetic because I just hate that I have an illness, I hate that my pancreas decided to stop working, I honestly don’t even have the time to be a diabetic, its such a hassle :(! The one thing that this illness has happily destroyed is my confidence because lately I have put on a bit of weight due to not being able to get my diabetes under control and constantly having to eat to maintain my sugars at a healthy level. But… (there is always a but in lifeisfunbeingme!) I have some excellent news which makes me feel on top of the world because I have finally seen a nurse who has helped me get it under control by taking less insulin and its actually worked because I now eat when I’m hungry not because I need to survive! Finally I feel normal again and I can truly say that my illness is at the back of my mind, I can start to get back on track by dieting properly without having a hypo to ruin it for me… so long sugars!

The third thing I’m excited for is for this weekend! I’m attending a blog conference which I cannot wait for! If you are a blogger fanatic like me, free this weekend and this sounds of interest. Take a road trip to Swansea to meet bloggers, attend workshops, learn how to capture good images to increase user engagement, learn how to use SEO’s, network with bloggers and business professionals. Click on the widget to the left to find out more about the event and get yourself a ticket, I strongly recommend it to any blogger out there!! The expectation of this Saturday is my idea of heaven, surrounded by bloggers everywhere… I’ve even ordered my first ever business card purely for this event I cannot wait to give people my card and have the honour of having the words Blogger & Writer to describe me, this for me is a life moment Eeeekkk!

I’m also super excited for the world to begin looking like this…


I’ve always been a nature girl, if you happen to follow me on Pinterest you’ll see that recently all I’ve been sharing are pictures of leaves, trees and things symbolizing that we are now in Autumn… yay! Even when I was in college and studied photography I would always angle the brief so that I could go out there and take pictures of nature, I love it that much!

It’s also that time of year to box up my summer stuff, get out the Yeti Onesie and resemble the guy below…



As well as all my jumpers which take up the whole wardrobe…plenty of selfies to come get following @rosaaversa

October is also the month of my dad’s birthday, in my family when there is a celebration it always results in a true Italian feast, so I’m super excited for this one! The one thing I do hate is having to buy my dad’s birthday present, he literally has everything possible… what can you possibly buy someone who already has everything?! I’m going to have to do some brainstorming…

Lastly, I’ve realised that I haven’t been to the cinema in so long but there’s a film that’s out this month which is going to change that… Love Rosie ❤

I came across this trailer whilst listening to some music on YouTube and I was hooked from the first second for some reason I couldn’t press ‘skip Ad’… I now need to see which of my friends want to go on a cinema date, I literally cannot wait to see this, its exactly my kind of film… a happily ever after ❤

It’s that season where love stories become true, go after yours…

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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