It’s time to Prepare…


Finally, it’s less than 24 hours until #blogconf and its time for me to roll up my sleeves and get serious. It’s time to do my research and prepare for tomorrow….

First order of business… Business Cards CHECK!


I’m so excited that my cards finally arrived, they are perfect! I cannot wait to network, socialise, meet plenty of bloggers and of course hand them my card so that they remember to subscribe and check out my social networks. 

So far I’ve prepared for the following…

Set alarm for 5:45.. ugh!
Sweets for the road trip!
Full Tank of petrol!
Print schedule!
Charge all technological gadgets!
Get the Perfect blogger outfit ready!
Take the time to research the speakers and check out their work so that if I do get the chance to network with them I know who they are and what they specialise in.

Make sure I’m ready and prepared for the workshops I’m taking, the best part about this is that #BlogConf offers 4 workshops but only allows you to take two.  As I’m going with a friend we have decided to take two each and then swap notes so that we can make the most of our #Blogconf experience…yay! The two workshops that I will be attending are how to increase user engagement by learning how to take good quality pictures as well as learning all there is to blog design!


Make sure I have the entire of my PaperChase collection in my bag to make unlimited amounts of notes with… 

I honestly cannot wait, I feel like a child waiting for Christmas day #BlogConf I’m ready for you…

Lifeisfunbeingme X 


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