My New Years Resolution

Most of us now have an account with Netflix and waste away hours watching series, films or even documentaries. I’m no stranger to this, some days I love staying in bed and getting lost in a new reality by binge watching rom-com after rom-com. I recently watched Remember Sunday which is one of the cutest romantic films ever, I had to watch it twice! If you’re a bit like me a sucker for love, relationships and happily ever afters the next time you log on… watch it!

I’ll add the trailer just to convince you…

One of the things that I loved about this film is the guy had post-its and lists everywhere! I knew I was going to love this film right from the start because I’m exactly the same I’m forever making lists and plans. This film inspired me to make my lists into actions by ticking them off one by one! In the film the guy had daily tasks to complete something as simple to smile at a stranger, I thought this was such a brilliant idea!

I wanted to be like this guy, to treat each day as a new beginning and have a start over button because I’m sick and tired of regretting things I could have done; which I didn’t do because I was scared or didn’t have to courage to suck it up and just go for it! I would much rather always regret something that I did do than something that I didn’t do because I can’t go back in time and relive that moment where I could have made a difference in my life.

Sometimes I wish there was a time machine to go back and do things differently because I can’t help but wonder ‘What if?’

While most of you have probably given up on your resolutions, I’m only getting started by facing my fears one step at a time to help me be the best person that I can possibly be. Here’s a sneak peak to what I’m setting myself up for, are you ready to be part of my journey?!

1. Smile at strangers
2. Make eye contact with people
3. Use the stairs in my office
4. Start going to the gym instead of paying for a membership that I don’t use, I mean the love of my life could be working out as we speak!
5. Introduce myself to a guy who I like the look of and if I’m feeling brave ask for his number instead of daydreaming about doing it!
6. To never allow the scars left by the people who bullied me put me down ever again!
7. For 2014 to be the year where I had my last panic attack!
8. Write often
9. Do new things
10. Say YES to more things
11. Be a better diabetic than last year by eating healthier and not forgetting to ALWAYS take my medication
12. Facing my fears one by one by remembering that I can achieve anything I put my mind to
13. Open a savings account
14. Join a campaign to help make a difference
15. Tell people how I really feel instead of always being scared to voice my opinion
16. Let people know I have a voice…I’m right HERE!
17. Stop worrying about things ALL THE TIME
18. Most importantly BE HAPPY!

I feel so proud of myself that I’ve finally gotten over my writers block, I mean I’m pretty sure you’ve all missed my blogposts as much as I’ve missed writing them, this picture expresses exactly how I felt…


I can’t believe that all I needed was a bit of courage to take one step in the right direction and this time not look back, not live in the past, not worry but live in the now…

Its the best feeling in the world having the courage to face new things in life, making small changes and picking up where you left off because it makes your day so much more interesting, you stop living a routine like a robot and actually live, you get to take in this new moment around you…

My only hope is that this new fearless me doesn’t stop because I have a hell of lot more to achieve!

I mean the other day I actually crossed off No.3 on my list and used the stairs in my work. The weirdest thing was that I bumped into a friend of mine from college who I had no idea worked in the same building as me. If I continued being lazy and always used the lift, that small encounter would have never happened, my day would have never changed and I wouldn’t have spent 5 minutes catching up with an old friend. It seems to me that this is only the start of a new beginning…

What changes have you made to make life even more fun that it already is?!

2015 could be YOUR year!

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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