Take Back What’s YOURS!!

One of my favourite bloggers Chloe’s Concept has started off a campaign to help victims who have been bullied. I, myself know exactly what it feels like, what its like to be made fun of, tormented and left with emotional scars. People don’t actually realise how powerful some words and actions can be… how it can impact your view on things, how it makes you feel and in particular the opinion you then develop of yourself!

For years I believed that I didn’t matter, that my existence didn’t count and that no one genuinely cared about me or what I had to say BUT then in 2014 at a blog conference I met Chloe. Her campaign and her concept blew me away, it just made total sense for me to take part! She made me realise that I dealt with the bullying the wrong way. I should have never listened to those stupid voices and should have never allowed for them to be able to empower themselves over my vulnerability, I should have been stronger!

While she makes the point that you can’t change the past, or the fact that you were bullied as you can’t go back in time and undo it…unfortunately geniuses are yet to invent a time machine! I have to accept it as one of the bad chapters that had to be written in my life BUT what I can do now is change my tomorrow and take back what they took!

In keeping with my New Year resolution I promised myself that I would take the time in writing about things that actually matter in life and for once not just think about myself or my rambles. One of the topics that I want to touch more on is bullying! Although I’ve left those emotional scars in 2014 it doesn’t mean I can’t help be a part of stamping it out!

In passing this message on, here is my picture of what I’m super excited to take back, you guys borrowed it for too long…


Please do get involved with this campaign by sharing your story and let’s support one another…

Let’s all help Chloe’s achieve her dream because she deserves to see it being put into action! We NEED more people like her wanting to make the world a happier, safer and positive place. Help Chloe to spread the word by simply giving this a read, a share or doing your part in spreading the word that BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP!

TOGETHER we can help make a difference! We can make bullying once and for all HISTORY!! No more will people feel anxious, alone, sad, scared and worthless…by sharing this campaign you can be part of something extraordinary! We can finally live in a world of positivity, where people don’t bring each other down but we help, inspire and encourage each other to keep reaching for our dreams…

Go ahead and be your own person again, what are you going to take back?!

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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