It’s time to bring back ‘This month’ on Lifeisfunbeingme and tell you why I’m excited for November…

I’ll be honest it’s been a few months since I’ve had a sense of direction, a plan and excitement to want to write a ‘This Month’ post. This month I’m excited for the fact that winter is coming and that it’s getting colder. I’m excited to go on a mission to find the perfect grey boyfriend coat, I’m excited for Bonfire night, for the movie nights to come and the new memories I’ll make with friends. I’m excited for the Winter Wonderlands and Christmas markets which will be opening. I’m excited to go and take a selfie with the Coca-Cola trucks, I’m excited for the preparation of Christmas to begin to take place and my yearly visit to PaperChase where I spend a fortune on present boxes and various Christmasy gift decorations. I’m excited to rearrange my room for a Christmas corner to be able to exist so that I can store all the presents.


I’m mostly excited for the fact that it’s the eleventh month of the year…November.

November is a very special month to me and those whose pancreas has failed them as it’s finally our month to raise hell about Diabetes! It’s no surprise to learn that I’ve been having an extremely difficult time with my diabetes. The diabetes has been controlling me instead of me controlling it! I think that it’s time for me to get back on track and show my pancreas who’s boss! This month I’m doing something a little more pro-active than just finding the time to write a post. I will do my part by actively taking part in Diabetes Awareness Month with a 30 day challenge inspired by my favourite blogger and friend Chloe’s Concept who is trying to raise awareness by changing how Diabetes is defined.  You can check out her #DefineDiabetes campaign here!

Not only will I be setting myself the challenge to change how diabetes is defined but I have made it my mission to set up a diabetes support group for young people. I have browsed the internet in search of such a place for support but have had no luck in finding one and so I thought if I can’t find one, why not create one?? The idea is to create a club, a community where once a week we can get together and build a support system to help each other through the rest of our lives as diabetics by discussing various topics such as the frustration of not being able to get drunk every weekend like all our friends do or ranting at each other about how hard the general diabetic life is and not receive a patrionising ‘Oh stop moaning’ but receiving compassion and someone being able to understand exactly what you are going through.


This idea cannot be turned into a reality without your help… I cannot do this alone! So as the reader I ask you to join this mission by helping me to spread awareness to as many people as possible by simply sharing this blogpost. Help me to get in touch with other diabetics and make my support group idea a reality. If you know anyone or are a diabetic and live in the South West country then please do get in touch at

Remember to also follow my 30 day Instagram challenge here! I cannot wait for you all to see what I have up my sleeve!

November is MY MONTH and I will raise hell with it!!!

It’s time to take a deep breath and believe in myself again…

Lifeisfunbeingme X

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