The end of an era.


I cannot believe that 2015 is well and truly over. Feels like a life time ago right?! I mean how did it get to February already?!

I’m not one of those people where as soon as a year is over I’m like ‘It’s time to get rid of the old and be in with the new.’ I just find myself hopelessly reflecting on the things that happened in the past 12 months which will not actually be carried into the new year! Sometimes it makes me sad because I realise that not everything lasts forever 😦

This last year I failed myself in so many ways but also achieved as much greatness. I’ve found out a lot about myself which I wasn’t aware I had inside me, I discovered that I’m a lot stronger than I actually thought and that I have one hell of a fight inside me.

I also know that I said I was going to do many different things and that I also didn’t even manage to achieve half of the things I had on my list.


Do you know what I’ve decided that it’s OK! Because life happens and that’s OK! Things get in the way and that’s OK! Dreams change, plans change, people change, I changed and that’s OK! I’ve learnt so much about myself and I like to think that for me the best is yet to come. I mean I’ve been broken-hearted, my career came to a halt, I became lost, I forgot who I was but now I feel confident that the new is about to arrive and I think it’s going to be pretty awesome!

This year I want to try something different. I don’t want to plan any adventures, pursue any dreams or make a list of what I truly want. OK I’ll do my best with the list thing but we all know I have about 3 list books from Paperchase which need to be used up! 😛 I just want to see what happens and record my journey alongside for you all to be part of. I don’t want to make the ultimate promise in saying, ‘Now that it’s a new year I will be the perfect diabetic’, because I shouldn’t wait for the next excuse I should be doing it from now. This year I want to truly embrace every moment I experience, I cannot wait to meet the next best version of myself, the version that knows which mistakes are not to be repeated, which experiences need to be held onto, which moments need to be re-experienced, which relationships I should actually give a chance, which friends should be kept and which need to become strangers.

I think I’m ready 2016, I dare you to challenge me…

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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