Why am I so full of life?


In this world it is so hard to be your own self without caring what others think about you. The thing is whatever you do, someone will always and I mean always have an opinion on what you’re doing. It’s like we all have our own football commentary going on 24/7 ‘Yes, we see Rosa is going out again…’

This really annoys me because no one has any right to judge me! So what if one of my priorities in life is to go out, have fun and live every small moment to its fullest?! I’m sick and tired of people making snide comments and trying to put me down. The worst thing is that I don’t even know why people feel the need to make the effort to do so… maybe it’s because I’m different or I don’t follow the norm… I mean if you want to have more fun in life then do it! Go for it! I’m not stopping you…if I can do it! You can do it too! Just don’t ever try and make me feel like I’m the bad guy here…

You’ve read my about me page?! You know the reason behind the name Lifeisfunbeingme!

Although I don’t have to justify myself to anyone why I live my life to the fullest by explaining why, you might understand me a bit more too…

The first thing is that I have a completely different mind set to everyone around me in my 20’s. I mean I look at life completely different because in 2013, 2 weeks before my 21st birthday I went from turning 21 to 75 and pretty much skipped the middle part of my life because my pancreas decided to break down and stop working. My life changed from being able to be a stupid careless girl to being serious, responsible and boring pretty much over night! So when I get to have fun, I WILL HAVE FUN!! I also went from being happy to sad very quickly and it stayed like that for a very long time. Becoming diabetic destroyed me and having something trying to make you fall down again and again after you managed to find the strength to get back up day after day is hard enough without having people adding to it by assuming they know me.

The problem with today is that people think they know you through the opinions of others, through lyrics and quotes that you post on social media and the kind of people that you have in your social circle. So let me guess you’ve all assumed I wear my heart on my sleeve, have an interest in media, like quotes and that I like to have fun and party?? Congrats you’ve got me all figured out!

People think that’s enough to be able to say, ‘Oh I know them!’ The problem is you don’t!


No one takes the time anymore to really get to know someone and that’s what annoys me because if you get to know someone you know them past Hello and Goodbye, you get to exist with their co-existence and that’s what I love…DEPTH. I feel like simplicity in life is dying out and because everything is so fast-paced, people are quick to judge and comment! But no one is quick to ask. So to all those that think they know me, you’re not part of my story and so you cannot assume why I do things the way I do, or understand the reasoning behind my actions if you haven’t made the effort to ask me WHY?  People always forget that!

I know that there are worse things in life than being diabetic. But in my story, diabetes is the one thing that saddens me the most, its the one thing that took my freedom away. Its not as simple as taking a pill. It doesn’t work like that because the problem is always there…



I decided to stop being sad and let diabetes win. I decided to not let an illness stop me from ever doing or feeling anything ever again! I started to say yes to life and with that part of the stupid careless girl I once was before came back…

I realised that you don’t get to experience the same moment twice and that scares me! I don’t know about you but knowing that certain moments won’t ever get repeated again is all the reason to live in the moment and so you would be an idiot to not embrace life! I mean…sure we may hold onto hope because sometimes its hard to let things go but a moment is a moment and once its gone it becomes a memory just like reaching a milestone in life or going from student to graduate.

Excuse the expression but life does scare the shit into me and knowing that this illness could take that away from me tomorrow is pretty much why I’m so full of life and try embrace any moment good or bad and so if I want to party every weekend, be silly and not take life seriously then maybe I’ll do just that!

Maybe you can all borrow page 738 to embrace life a little more, at least now you all know how page 737 ended…

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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