Don’t ever resent being mundane…


No matter how bad you think you have it having to repeat the same routine day after day. I always think you will be begging to return back to your mundane lifestyle when you find yourself stepping out onto unknown territory because you think there is more out there. No matter how far out you travel you’ll always find yourself asking, ‘Was it really worth living on the edge for a bit?’

Its when you start comparing yourself to others that we begin to lose control of what we had in sight and you begin to think,  ‘Why have they done this and I haven’t?’ Or, ‘Why do they have a house and I still live at home?’ Or, ‘Why do I feel like they are 5 years ahead of me in life but we are the same age?’ That right there…is what ruins a person.

The world was not meant for us to be the same, the world was meant for individuality and uniqueness. The world was meant for the human race to experience life in millions of different ways. We are meant to have fuck ups, good and bad people, rich and poor, sly and evil but the thing that people forget is that it does not mean you have to experience it all to figure out where you belong, all of our destiny’s have different endings.

You don’t need to go on crazy adventures to figure out who you are and become versions of yourself that you never expected because you don’t know what you are doing being mundane will get you there too.

Sometimes it sucks to finally admit for the first time that those who told you to stop, who advised you to not screw up but yet you brushed off because you have this horrible trait of wanting to play with fire, seeing what else is out there and spiraling out of control aren’t there to catch you when you stop spinning…

And in the end it makes you realise that they were the ones you needed all along but you brushed them off for people who didn’t want you, you brushed them off for the unexpected because being a mundane 9-5 girl was boring, it wasn’t enough for you and so now you are forced to pick up the pieces one by one. Alone.

Always always love your boring side that’s what keeps us sane…its always been the little things.

Think about it… the world spins on its axis every single day and it doesn’t get more mundane than that.

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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