Learn to say no…

Have you ever gone out and wished you stayed at home? Yep me too!

Lately I’ve realised that it is not the end of the world to say no! Its ok to not go out with your friends every time they invite you out and that it really isn’t the end of the world (sometimes) missing out on life. Trust me on this one. The thing is people forget that you can’t see into your own future so when you make the decision to use the word ‘No’. You have no idea what you will be missing out on and that sometimes you’ll find that saying no can also be one of the best decisions you’ve made.

Think of a friendship you regretted or imagine you said no to that crappy night out on the town. Think about it! YOU, saying no… could have saved you Β£30 which you could now go and spend on something else or that hurt you felt from a poisonous friendship would have never existed because that friendship was never made because you never exposed yourself at the chance of being hurt.

I totally get that the word ‘No’ to some can also be very scary. Sometimes even saying it out loud might need a bit of pep talk, I know I give myself one now and again! Sometimes you might even think that when you finally find the courage to use the word no, you immediately regret it because you think you’ve made a huge mistake; as you might then go on to see… that because you said no to an event or a night out you find yourself getting a stab of jealousy when you see posts on social media. Like a picture on Facebook where everyone seems happy but it literally doesn’t mean anything because a lot of the time things on social media AREN’T what they seem! People forget that for that one second that picture was staged, that status went through a proof read…hell it might have even gotten an edit before it got published! I mean even salt looks like sugar but that doesn’t mean they taste the same.

I know that what I’m saying may not make sense to you or sound like utter rubbish and I’m not saying to not take life by the horns. I’m just saying that sometimes being on your own is ok, it is a good thing! Its good to know who you are before you go and introduce yourself to someone else.

Sometimes I just like making the word ‘No’ part of my daily vocabulary, sometimes I just like being on my own and doing my own thing because sometimes I dont even miss my social life. I become quite content being in my own little bubble doing my own thing and taking care of myself like picking up a book, actually taking a nap or turning my phone off and watching a film from start to finish without any interuption.

I challenge you to try saying ‘No’ once in a while and see where it takes you…

Lifeisfunsayingno X


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