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Hey there…

Welcome to my blog and my world! I’m lifeisfunbeingme…


It’s a pleasure to meet you…

So let’s talk personality, interests, topics I like writing about and where the name Lifeisfunbeingme came from, I mean that’s what you are dying to find out right?! Otherwise why else would you have clicked on About Me?

I’ll start with the blog name although it is pretty much self-explanatory. The main reason I started blogging was to improve my writing skills and my future employment prospects. The only problem was that I didn’t have a topic I loved writing about. I just knew that I wanted to write and so I would blog about all sorts of random stuff. The editor who introduced me to the blogging world said to me, ‘in order to make this work and be successful you need to find your USP, a focus…’ In this case I needed to find my ‘Rosaness’, my blog purpose if you will. 

I then found that the things I loved writing about were myself, my life and ranting about things that no one probably cared about. It made me realise that after every post I wrote I was writing my story. Hence a lifestyle blog by the name of Lifeisfunbeingme was born.

So what makes Lifeisfunbeingme, Lifeisfunbeingme?! Good question!

I live by the words ‘Live, Laugh, Love’, and I’ve always been the kind of person where the smallest things in life mean the most to me. Oh and I also like to day dream a lot! I spend any spare moment I have writing and updating this blog, scribbling words down and filling out the hundreds of notebooks I have at my disposal. I’m also Italian which means it is in my nature to be hot headed and a little crazy so it’s a good thing that I like going to the gym to relieve stress. My friends actually make my life, I love hanging out with them and making new memories to fill my scrap book with. In 2014 I graduated from university in Media Communications and now I’m working towards making my dream to be a social media editor a reality.

Occasionally I have days where I struggle with keeping my diabetes under control, so expect to see a rant or two about how much I hate this illness and how unfair it is that I have to deal with it day in, day out because it really is so frustrating… The good thing about the category tab is that if you don’t want to read about it don’t select the DIABETES tab, it really is just me having a rant…

But apart from that being the one thing I moan about the most, you will be glad to know that I will also be sharing with you my life chapters, my adventures, how I live my life to its fullest, what I get up to every month, what brings out my happiness, campaigns on anxiety and bullying as I feel very strongly about them and much much more!

The one thing that I honestly cannot wait to share with you all is, ‘My happily ever after’ because one day I will find it and I’ll be able to write a post on who it is, select the ‘happily ever after’ tab and sign it Lifeisfunbeinginlove! 

Interested in wanting to know more?! Check out MY LIFE STORY!

If you do have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at lifeisfunbeingme@hotmail.com

Alternatively, you can contact me via your preferred choice of social media channels listed on this blog.

Speak soon and I hope that you enjoy reading my blog 🙂

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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