My story…

Welcome to my story…

As you know I’m Lifeisfunbeingme…

I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by to find out who I am! Where do I start?! I have loved writing ever since I put together my very first sentence and since then my love for writing has only ever grown.

Now that you know my life’s passion is to write, I’m guessing I should also let you know what kind of person I am as well as including an interest or two of mine :)!

I’m currently 25 years of age and come from an Italian family! We are very hot headed, very family orientated and definitely eat a lot of pasta together! I really enjoy living life to the fullest and try to live my life as much as I can by my favourite motto ‘Live, Laugh, Love!’

To all my friends I’m known as a total mess of a human being which is pretty much why I idolise Bridget Jones and it’s needless to admit that it’s also my all time favourite film! I’m a huge hopeless romantic, incredibly soppy (so I’ve been told) and have always worn my heart on my sleeve! 

I’m also forever making lists, plans and keeping organised as one of my guilty pleasures is actually spending a lot of my money in Paperchase! I’m honestly obsessed with this shop, I’m that bad that I once bought a box from Paperchase just so that I could fill it with all my Paperchase stationery, I mean I have to store this stuff somewhere, right?!

Oh and in my spare time, I like to write A LOT!

Lifeisfunbeingme came to life when I realised that having the passion to want to be a writer wasn’t enough. I had to do more! Part of my doing more consisted of me getting some work experience in a publishing company while I was studying for my university degree in Media Communications.

Before I go onto explain more, I feel that at this point you need to be aware of a trait of mine… whether you think it’s a good or a bad one, that’s up to you to you to decide! I just love talking to people and when I’m nervous I tend to talk even more! During my time at the publishing company, I made it my mission to make the office MY playground. I used any excuse or opportunity that arose to talk to all the employees and ask as many questions as possible. It was my way of getting my foot in the door, expanding my connections and gaining an insight into the reality of what the working world was really like!

Let me tell you that I realised the hard way, it was NOTHING like the Hollywood version I fell in love with! There were no writing articles on ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 days’ or ‘First Date Fails’ as well as no testing out fashion garments, make-up or even giving my opinion on what fashion trend I was currently into. I went there with the mindset that I thought I was a somebody whose opinion was worth giving but it turned out I found out I was a nobody… 

A job is where the fight for your place in the working world finally begins and trust me it is so tough! You really need to be prepared to push yourself to the limit, work hard and prove your worth. The work experience proved to be a reality far from the life I expected it to be that it made me question whether I thought this dream was worth pursuing and even doubt whether I had chosen the right career path.

It was because I hated the fact that my experience was nothing like something out of Ugly Betty but instead of me having to organise the magazine cupboard. I didn’t want to be stacking magazines away, I wanted to be writing them, I wanted my byline and I wanted it immediately! But it didn’t work like that, so I adjusted my expectation to a more realistic one, one that meant I had to work for that dream and I ended up falling in love with the challenge that I set myself! I cannot express how glad I am that I made the decision to get work experience because when I then finished university I knew what to really expect from the world! 

I think that people who are interested in the publishing world forget that an article comes from the imagination of a person sat at a computer putting it into words. THAT is the dream I fell in love with as a wannabe writer and not what Hollywood represents! 

One lunchtime, I was talking to one of the editors about my life dream of wanting to be a writer and how I felt that after university, I would struggle to find myself a job in the industry; due to lack of writing experience I had. I never imagined that this one lunch, this one conversation would change my life forever, because she opened my eyes to the reality of what life is really like and said one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever been told, ‘No one will say to you I want you to write this for me. No one will give you THE opportunity, so if you want to write, then go ahead and write!’ 

Ever since that day, that phrase, that philosophy just stayed with me, because now if I want something to happen, I don’t wait for it, I go out there and make it happen! It’s crazy but sometimes for something to make sense, to all add up, it takes something as simple as someone to point out the obvious. I will always be grateful that I had that lunch and had the opportunity to meet her!

To all of you who have a dream but haven’t started chasing it yet, my advice to you is the sooner you realise that no one will give it to you, the quicker you can get out there and begin to create it! Trust me I cannot tell you how much fun it is pursuing something you truly want…

I can totally appreciate that chasing your life dream means stepping out of your comfort zone which can be both terrifying and daunting! Or that it can become so overwhelming you literally have no idea where to start!! BUT I also like to think that doing the unexpected may end up being your best adventure yet… so why not get out there and find out?!

I mean IF I didn’t make the office MY playground and spoke to everyone and anyone I really don’t think that I would be here telling you my life story…

So please do not be someone who just waits their whole life for something amazing to happen! I feel so strongly about people needing to realise that their own destiny is down to them! You are the only person who can chase your dream, achieve your happily ever after and say that you made it! BUT that first step has to be started by you…

I know that it’s easier said than done because sometimes we need a helping hand in life to give us that push to take the first step in the right direction. For me, my helping hand to get me back in the right frame of mind when I lack motivation in life are the following two things… 

Number 1 is Pinterest! It’s my go-to place when I need some inspiration. I find myself wasting hours re-pinning quotes without even realising! This one is my current favourite, it actually gives me the chills, it’s THAT good!… 

Number 2 is Kid President’s YouTube channel, get yourself subscribed to this! His video’s never fail to re-inspire me…

If my blog encourages you in any way to pursue an aim, goal or a dream then please do let me know and get in touch! I’m always interested in collaborating guest posts as well as personally hearing about happily ever afters, this world needs more of it!

I’m proud to be able to say that for a while I was an official employee at the same publishing company I gained work experience from and ran the Front of House for them. I actually proved my worth, I became a somebody and part of the team and for a while I was no longer work experience girl…Yay! Now next on the agenda is Rosa Aversa – Social Media Editor…

After that one lunch which practically changed my life I started to just go for things, I started to chase my dreams and I created the door which opened up opportunities for me rather than WAIT for one to appear and so Lifeisfunbeingme was born…

As the number of blog posts kept growing, so did my knowledge for the blogging world and community that I now like to think of myself as somewhat of a blogging expert! I go to as many blogger events as humanly possible in the South West of England which are great for networking, expanding my connections and picking up tips on how else I can improve Lifeisfunbeingme! 

I am extremely proud of this blog and love sharing my life chapters. I have no intention of ever giving up on Lifeisfunbeingme no matter what life throws at me. Even if sometimes I go through stages of losing my spark a little, or somehow get knocked off my path and find myself abandoning my desk and stationery for a while. I mean who doesn’t question the universe and lose themselves now and again?!

I know that whatever happens I’ll always be running back here and instead of explaining why I’m going to let this quote do it for me…

Not to mention the blog post updates you’ll then receive of the slight detour I decided to take and what else I’ve managed to discover about myself!

So get ready to embark onto the good and bad times that make my life being fun being me, I hope that you will enjoy my rambles just as much as I enjoy clicking publish on a finished post.

Before you leave don’t forget to like my Facebook Page for behind the scenes of Lifeisfunbeingme and of course subscribe!!

If you do have any questions, feel free to contact me on any of my social networks or get in touch via email at


Lifeisfunbeingme X

(Last updated: 12/08/17)


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